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Friday, March 15, 2013

Meet Ayy

Meet Ayy Brooks, who is an aspiring Hip hop artist. He has been making his way to the top for the past 5 years. This American star has performed a number of concerts over the years including being chosen as one of the opening acts for international recording artist Chris Webby and Philthy Rich Records recording artist Crisys.​ Ayy 

Who is Ayy?
A young adult, old enough to look up to but still very young in appearance. A straight shot star. A "rapper" other known as Ayy Brooks. Simply put, I am Ayy. I'm not a super hero, I'm not an egotistical CEO. I'm just a kid.

What Inspired your love for Music?
I started to write poems when I was child; maybe fourth grade, and I enjoyed it becuase it felt like I was saying things that I normally wouldn't say. I've been into music since before I can remember but I never really started writing and creating music until I was about 14. What inspired me at the time was the encouragement from a friend to do something I havent ever done; record. From there on out it was a wrap, I enjoyed it so much that it was almost as if I didn't get 100% out of a day unless I made a new song. It was a great way to vent and get things out.

Who do you look up to?
As of right now, I look up to a couple people in my life. One of them actually being my producer, Darryl "DC" Clark, is someone I look up to because I idolize the amount of time and hard work that he puts into what he does. Believe me, we're all working hard, but this man is on his job around the clock. As a kid I thought I would never get a chance with his crew, but sure enough when I was ready I got the shot. He's a great mentor, and someone who I wouldn't be here without. Being on the same team as one of my idols is really only a benefit.  Another person I look up to is my brother. Gerad went through a lot, with near death experiences and addiction but he overcame that, got a degree and moved to Vegas. It sounds crazy, but he is really religious now and lives his life to the fullest. He is extremely wealthy spiritually and finds happiness in everything. It would be hard not to look up to him.

Tell me more about your childhood
I'm still a kid, and extremely young as an artist. I am sure you will hear all about me on my next project that I am working on. I mean I was born suburban so the craziest thing that happened in my neck of the woods was just some party that the neighborhood knew about weeks in advanced and had 911 on speed dial. I wasn't a bad kid but for some reason I was in and out of trouble a lot.

How can International fans like me get your music?
Various places. Itunes being an international software is a great place to find some of my music. Another place is on my soundcloud account, which you can find at this link: soundcloud.com/ayyz Soundcloud is more for fans that want more recent and different music than what I sell. More importantly, everything can be accessed through my website: www.ayybrooks.com

Who would you love to Collaborate with and why?
Oh man, off the bat... Justin Bieber for sure, any song with him would be a hit. Definitely a collab with Tory Lanes, Wiz Khalifa and Chris Webby. White boys can rap too youbknow! If there was a way to go back in time, with a time machine or something; I would love to do a collaboration with Big L. I am no gangster to any stretch of the imagination, but he's a legend, and a lyrical genius. Anything people say that is hot today was most likely said by Big L a couple decades ago. If you did a song with him your now most likely a legend. Just look at Jay-Z.

How would you describe your music?
Young. My music is still in the discovery stage. I'm still working on figuring out who I am as an artist, and more importantly who I am as a figure in this industry. My music is still progressing, and for my fans sake, I will say that's a good thing. I can't say I will ever be one type of artist; like trap or hip hop or rap, honestly my thought patterns are too diverse to stick with one genre. I am constantly trying new things. Every step im taking is getting a longer stride each time. I have confidence my music will be in thousands of peoples heads quite soon. My music is like a solid pitch. I throw everything I got with perfect composure and accuracy, and I aim for a strike out every time.

Where can people get in contact with you?
Again, My website is a great place to find all information needed to reach out to me, including a phone number and an email address.

What is your motto?
Never give up. You don't always throw a perfect game or run a 40' dash in less than five seconds, no, everyone struggles with something. But when you do throw that perfect game, it makes all that hard work and dedication way more worth it.



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