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Phresh Ent is not liable for comments from readers. These are considered as personal opinions  of those commenting on blog posts. Comments are not censored but those that are defamatory we reserve the right to remove them from the blog. We strive to be fair on the blog.

We are not going to publish any copy that has hate speech,violence, sexism, and information that has certain harm will be reported immediately.

We will make sure that images that we publish are credited to the rightful owner(s). We are not responsible for errors in images as we are not responsible for editing of images. If you have images published by us in error please email us, Phreshent.za@gmail.com and we shall take a look at your complaint.

All Images on Phresh Ent are available on various websites on the web and believed to be already published on other sites. It is within our rights according to the South African Copyright Fair Dealing Act to publish these images.

Phresh Ent does not promise to remove any of the content reported but to review complaints and take action if possible.


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