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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Somizi Saga

The story made it big on Twitter. Many were confused while many were happy for the South African celebrity choreographer, singer, actor and television personality known for his flamboyant appearances on television shows, Somizi Mhlongo. 

After news broke out that Somizi had found "Love" the young man involved in the story denied the rumours. Well we got to talk to this young man known as Prince.

This are his exact words of what happened. 

It all started when I followed him on twitter and he followed back. He would Direct Message me and I'll respond. Thursday 3 weeks back, I was at a club in Melville, someone came up to me, hugged and greeted me. at first, I didn't recognize it was Somizi. It was only when he went to get me drinks my friends asked 'what are you doing with Somizi'. It was only then it dawned on me its him. I greeted him properly. We spoke and then he said we should leave. He said his daughter had taken his car home so he'd use a taxi. I offered to take him home and he thanked. We drove off in my car to another club were Somizi was refused entry cause he was wearing shorts. He then said we go have dinner. We had pasta and prawns and spoke abut a lot.  That was wen he told me he likes me and that I make him happy. He went on and on I interrupted by telling him I'm straight and that I have a girlfriend. We took pics. I dropped him at his house somewhere around four-ways. He insisted I stay for the night as he said he'd be worried if I have to drive back all alone. I told him I can't as I had work the next morning. We parted ways. That's all. He tweeted those pics we took, alleging that we've been dating for 4 years. Thats ridiculous. My girlfriend  has been traumatised by all of dis. I have deleted him on bbm and got rid of his number.
This are the pics that got people wondering

Phresh Ent has since contacted Mr Mhlongo to hear his said of the story.



  1. They look happy

  2. LMAO as for they look happy..... well That guy is always at Liquid blue i.e. a gay club mos but i am not judging everyone can party anywhere. and the story sounda convincing. can he send us a pic of him nd his GF happy as he is with Somizi? *shrugs*

  3. Lmao....that story really made me crack up. But this guy looks like he was having a ball with somizi


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