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Friday, November 8, 2013

Sonia Sedibe Marriage over?

There’s big trouble brewing in the Sedibe household.

While actress Sonia Sedibe and her husband Leslie, the Proudly South African CEO, are trying to keep it on the down low, DRUM has heard from several reliable sources that the couple is on the fast track to Splitsville.

According to several industry insiders the couple’s seven-year marriage has long been plagued by rumours of abuse and cheating – on both sides.

This is a far cry from their previous image as Mzansi’s golden couple. According to the media report, speculation is rife that both Sonia and Lesley have been cheating on each other.

Allegations of abuse and wanting to control his wife, and Sonia posing for pictures without her lavish wedding ring on her finger have also being roped into the trouble in paradise scandal.

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