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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nelly Galada

I met this beautiful young model and I couldn't resist profiling her. Her name is Nelly Galada. Take a look

Please give me background info about you.
My full name is Neliswa Galada, my manager, Justin Miccolli couldn't pronounce it right so that's how the name Nelly came out, it's nice and short; hahahaha and better to pronounce. I was raised by a single parent, my dad  and mom divorced while I was still a toddler. I'm the youngest, I have three older sisters. I'm from a small township in Cape Town (Gugulethu). When I was growing up I used to enter beauty contests around Ggugulethu, and I always came first. That is when I realized that being a model is something I wanted to become. I started modelling professionally when I was 14 (That is when I joined my now agency 3D Management). My first work I did for them was for a Lemonlite tv commercial. I had a small role for the commercial but it was really a big deal to me, seeing myself on tv and working with such experienced models was epic. Many clients recognized me from the commercial and more jobs started to come. Ii have worked with Wicked Magazine, Drum, True Love, O magazine, Mr Prize, Glamour (MaybellineSA), Conterbury, Avon. In 2009 I did the British Next Top Model and I was the face of Clere in 2011.

Who have you worked with?
Roxxen, Claudia, Maps (He just won the sexiest man of 2013 cosmopolitan) and Kate (Miss Angola 2010)

If you were not a model what would you be doing?
I love the entertainment industry. I've always wanted to be in. Right now i'm studying drama.

What has been your biggest achievement?
Fixing my mom's house with my first payment from shooting the Lemonlite commercial.

Who would you love to work with?
David Tlale. I love him and have so much respect for the guy. The industry can be negative but he has proven that if you keep your head held up high and work hard for something you want , anything is possible.

Which Models do you look up to?
Tyra Banks, she is not only a model but a business woman too. I am inspired by people who work hard and never stop believing. It doesn't always have to be someone on the spot light.

Describe yourself in one sentence
I'm a believer of great things

What are you looking forward to this year?
I'm looking forward to entering MissSA. Winning will give me an opportunity and platform to reach out to many young people.

What advice would you give to young models out there?
The industry can be mean, many people don't understand that they think its all glitz and glamour but its actually easy but if you put your heart in what you do, surround yourself with good people, know what  you want and basically working hard at it.

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  1. Gal I'm sooooooooo totally proud of u it took u so long to where u are n yet u still pushing its ppl like u that bring a smile to daily,I love u lots and All Zee Best #TeamNellyGalada

  2. What an inspirational beautiful young woman with lots of personality :). Keep on being a role model to young kids who look up to you. Good luck with ur future endevours. U awesome!!

  3. You are very Beautiful. God bless you

  4. That's what hard work does for you,and you deserve it and you are going far,well done!
    "such a dingiling" - nelly.G

    Well done miss, truly impressive and remarkable.


  5. You inspire me as a young model

  6. You Are So Beautiful, I'm Inspired :)

  7. Blessed Soul #Speechless

  8. That's my girL!!!!right there!!!!

  9. She is so beautiful and amazing. Made me cry there. Ncooooow

  10. Such a beautiful and gifted individual


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