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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Danilo Acquisto

Hey there awesome people. I had the pleasure of Interviewing one of the most talented presenters, Danilo Acquisto.

Danilo Acquisto grew up in the fast lane in Johannesburg where he went to St Stithians College and matriculated with 5 distinction. Following his drive to succeed and be independent he moved to Cape Town to pursue a degree in Law from UCT. Whilst studying he landed a job on the biggest youth show in South Africa called Hectic Nine-9. The show boats a whopping 3million daily viewers and has the 2nd largest Facebook account in the country.

After Danilo graduated in 2012 from UCT he has begun to pursue his career in media full time with radio stations offering him slots and numerous magazines, bloggers, newspapers and charities doing interviews with him. Recently Danilo has been asked to be in a Calendar with some of South Africa's elite (including Jo-Anne Strauss and Soli Plilander). For a young man and only being in Cape Town since 2010, this is a commendable achievement.

As if his career in TV and radio wasn't enough, Danilo also has his finger in the business pie with him starting his own company aimed at providing information to the population between the ages of 18 and 30 on the different colleges and degrees available in the media industry as well as all the jobs currently available. With this initiative Danilo is required to interview some of the biggest names in the industry (DJ Fresh, Rob Van Vuuren and Mike Sharman to name a few).

When Danilo is not working on TV or production television shows on the side or working on his business, you can always catch him out and about at all the events in South Africa.

Tell me about your childhood
I grew up in Johannesburg and spent 18 years of my life here. I was a very happy kid - always different and slightly shy. My older brother was the lady lover and the academic while I was a crazy kid who always hurt himself and did spring board diving and drama.

Describe Danilo in three words
Passionate Outspoken Entertainer

What makes you do what you do?
The same thing that makes you wake up in the morning - a passion for life and bringing change to the world we live in.

Who inspires you?
I always find it hard to answer that question because nothing can inspire an individual personality. I am inspired by everyone who has taken their talents and made something happen for themselves while remaining humble and being grateful for the unique position they have been put in.

Have you always loved the big screen?
Nope! That is why I dove at the chance to work on TV as I wanted to change the way South African Television operates

If you were not a presenter what would you be doing?
I am already involved in so much. I would continue with my radio career and my production work and most definitely keep pushing with 6B.

Any plans after hectic nine9?
 Naturally I have many visions for my future but as of the near future I am very happy at Hectic and will wait for something bigger to find be fore I jump ship. In terms of where I see myself, I am definitely heading the production route with my company being a project that I would like to eventually work full-time on.

Most embarrassing childhood memory?
Losing my costume in the sea in Durban

Life without family would be..
Very lonely. Plus who would be brave enough to criticize me?!

Tell us about your mag, 6bmag 
6B is not a magazine anymore. It was launched in March 2012 as a very small idea that blew up. It is now going to be launched again on 1 May 2013 as a completely new online resource for anybody interested in the media industry. We have a full dedicated team working on gathering interviews from the biggest names in various industries to advise on their journey and to advise on how they feel new people should enter the industry. We also provide unique tools like CV templates, app and tech reviews, blogs, fashion advise, give-aways, Q&As... the list goes on. What is most unique is that we plan to make this a networking site to advise on job opportunities and study opportunities by providing professional advise. The team working on this project is much bigger and the site design is looking really amazing - some people might just come visit the site to see how cool it looks and to browse through our galleries of photos and videos.

I've spent a day without my undies 
Only as a kid! I hate too much freedom down there.

I would never 
say never.

Joining Hectic nine 9 was 
Far more of a life lesson than I expected.

My best memory on hectic nine 9
Is impossible to define - the entire journey has been life changing.

The worst food I ever ate
Was in res when I was at UCT doing my law degree.

I listen to _____ Music
All types of...



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