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Friday, February 22, 2013


Who is Ifani?
He's a rapper from PE, born in Mthatha and here to add creativity and fun in the game.
Do you find that you are undermined a lot in the industry?
Nope. People are responding as expected. Change is a slow process. When somethin radically different comes along, people reject it and pick it apart. But give it time...you'll see.

Zizo Beda, why a song about her?
Minus the obvious? Beauty, brains n Xhosa flavour?
In my music I talk about life as I see it, as I feel it and as I understand. Crushes have always come and gone in my lifetime and the older grow the more I realise that crushes will NEVER end. How sad? And how entertaining at the same time?

Do you see yourself only as a rapper?
I'm an engineer(designer,creator) at heart. Rapping is only a part of who I am.

One word to describe your music style

Are you working on a new album?
Yes. Should b out end march or early April.
Go ask for it in stores,if they don't have it...ask them to order it. They'll get it for u.

Your song "Ewe" was well responded to, what inspired it?
Ewe was rejected several times by radio and TV. Again, as expected. A few months later...it blew up like crazy n crossed borders to Bots, Lesotho n even the US.
The song ironically enough talks me and my rejection in the industry and says when it comes to my art, no will never work...you should try Yes (EWE). And guess what happened? :)

Your fashion is rather unusual, do you see yourself owning a clothing brand?
I haven't though about that yet. I'm happy with just promoting individuality at this point. People should stop being afraid of being themselves.

Whats your ultimate goal?
There's no goal. No destination. Just the journey. Just the game.

Who appeals to you at the moment?

Ifani is on every one's lips, how do you feel about that?
C'mon now, I don't kiss everyone. Don't blow my chances with the ladies.
As for the public response, its great. I love it. But u should come see me perform live. Now THAT is a crowd to watch and adore. Its beautiful to see people let go of their pretenses and set their spirits free as they shout loud "ke fitlhile, ka maoto! kopa tea, le dikuku!! "...its really fun.

How is your music different from other muscians?
I think i'll let u answer that one. Its like asking a pear how its different from an apple.

What can we expect from Ifani this year?
Gigs, live performances and more music videos of hot singles.

Motivational words for the youth..
Don't conform. Be happy in your own skin.


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