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Friday, October 11, 2013

Phresh Phriday

Singer Chomee joined the cast of Muvhango in the role of Jazz Lounge owner Ms Chichi. She made her debut this Monday 7 October.

Frankly, I'm not a fan of Television that much, I watch a few shows there and there and when my aunt told me and I quote "That famous dancer who doesn't wear is on Muvhango" I had to watch.

I'd like to address this, CAN PEOPLE STOP GIVING JOBS TO FAMOUS MUSICIANS WHO CAN NOT ACT? This is not the first time I've seen a famous artist get a job because of their popularity. I'm sure many talented people who deserve the job went for castings. (If they were any castings.)

I am not saying famous artist must not expand their "talents" but can they study drama or something? A lot of people went to varsity for this stuff and a hot-shot celeb just gets their own way. We are not admiring and respecting our upcoming actors. I remember watching Kelly Khumalo on Rhythm City, I had to analyse her acting skills to see if she got the job legit or nay? Well she was not that bad shame, anyways I was just poiting out musicians who get Jobs because of their fame. This must stop.

Even a child can see Thuli Madihlaba better known as Chome can't act. I am not being shady or rude, Just stating the obvious. We all know how it works around Mzansi, pretty soon she'll be on all popular soapies on our screens, just you watch. I'm sure she is still learning the ropes but can she learn them when she is studying Drama?

The Mshoza Saga!

This lady just can't stay away from trouble. I've been seeing all kinds of stories about Mshoza but I have been ignoring them.  Mind you, this is the first time I write about Mshoza.

From skin bleaching (This shouldn't be an issue to be as it is none of our business. It is her body after all) to a sex tape, leaving her kids to run off to London with another man, then there was the story of her being abused by her husband, Mnisi.

Firstly on the London rumours, she denied them on Motswako this week. (BTW Motswako is boring without Penny. I miss her on the show). Mshoza then said she cheated to get back at Mnisi for cheating, wuuu this drama. She also said she is tired of being a media puppet (way to go buddy!!).

On the issue of her retiring from her music career, Which career is she referring to? I mean her music career had already been fazed out. It automatically retired itself shame, no offence sisi but when last did we get an album or single from Mshoza? But Ii can"t blame her, she was busy making her "Movie" behind closed doors.

Can we talk about the SABC?
We are not being respected here, so to speak. How long will they keep repeating shows? As I speak on SABC 1 on Monday at 20h30 they repeat a show Ii once saw on SABC 2 a while back. They also repeat Streets of manguang on Wednesdays at 20h30. As if that is not enough, They go on to repeat Zone 14, weekdays at 18h30. If this is the case then why are we still paying TV Licence?

Did I mention the movie cycle they have going? Yeah that. Playing a movie on SABC 1 this week, same movie on SABC 2 next week and the next week on SABC 3. This is not right. We know TVL is not much compared to  DSTV but can we be respected?

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