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Friday, October 25, 2013

Just Curious Awards

Popular Entertainment, the TMZ of South Africa, Just Curious introduced The Just Curious Entertainment Award.

The awards will have 15 categories, which are:

  • The TJO Moment Of The Year ( Scandal of the year)  - The 2013 story that shocked us all
  • JC Blogga Of The Year – Awarded to a loyal Just Curious reader whose blog commentary we always look forward to.
  • Catfight Of The Year – The celebrity catfight that got us talking in 2013.
  • Best Celebrity News Coverage In 2013  – Awarded to a media platform that gave us the best celebrity news in 2013 ( a magazine/blog/newspaper/TV channel/ TV/Radio show etc)
  • Worst Kept Celebrity Secret of 2013 – The worst kept secret in celebrity circles.
  • Best Celeb On Social Media – Awarded to a celebrity who has embraced Social Media & is a great example of how we love our celebrities online.
  • Best Red Carpet Look of 2013 – Need we say more
  • Best TV Show/ Storyline -  This story/show had us glued to our screens this year.
  • Newsmaker Of The year – We’ve talked about this person all year round.
  • You Were Robbed Award – Awarded to an individual/s who was snubbed for an award they deserved, a sports team that lost a game they should’ve won, a reality star who lost a competition they should’ve won.
  • That Was Not Worth A Headline Award - A tabloid story that was not worth the paper it was printed on.
  • 2013?s Worst TV Show / Storyline – What were those writers thinking?
  • Best SA Magazine Cover Of The Year – Awarded to a magazine with the best cover in 2013. No clutter, just class & entertainment.
  • Just Curious Celebrity Of The Year – Chosen by the Just Curious Team, this award recognises one person who embodies what stardom is. This person contributed to making 2013 an interesting year in celebrity culture.
  • Most Underrated Talent.  This is awarded to a musician/ actor/ presenter or any artist / brand you think is brilliant but not getting the recognition they deserve from the industry. 
"I am a positive, happy person and what I see sometimes, is not the vision we had when we started JC and the Awards are a reminder, of what we really are. Opinionated, tell it like it is, but we are not about destroying confidence and bringing people down. I love the entertainment industry and I want JC to contribute positively to it. Boldly, yes, but still positively." Lelo.

Please email us your nominees per category (you can add several nominees in each category) to nominations@justcurious.co.za
Nominations close on 31 October  2013 at midnight.



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