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Friday, October 25, 2013

Gossip of the week

Gospel Singer Sechaba Pali found guilty of rape.

Pali appeared in court in March for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl, a charge he has vehemently denied. He claims that the girl told him that she was 17 and also told the court that they were actually in a consensual relationship. She fell pregnant with his child in January 2012. He pleaded not guilty and was released on R6 000 bail.

The 32-year-old singer was, however, convicted of the charge in the Ladybrand Magistrate’s Court, but with a suspended sentence following a passionate appeal by his lawyer, Eugene Willard, that his client be spared a jail sentence.

“He has shown remorse and went on television to come clean before his court appearance. Please don’t be harsh. He has learnt his lesson,” Willard said, according to the Daily Sun.
When called to the stand, the victim’s sister confirmed that Pali was supporting the child and said that her sister was doing a bit better now after suffering from depression following the birth of her child.
This is not the gospel star’s only child. He has nine other children from previous relationships, and Magistrate Joseph Koekemoer ordered him to take responsibility for them all.

Laying down the conditions of the suspended sentence, Koekemoer said: “You need to forgive yourself. You have a responsibility to raise your children. It seems that you are willing to take responsibility but your name will be on the register of child rapists. You will not be allowed to work where there are children.”
Speaking to the publication, Pali expressed remorse and vowed to change his ways, saying: “I’m not happy about what I have done but I ask for forgiveness. I would like to thank those who supported me through the case. I promise to be a better man. I’m also planning a campaign against the abuse of women.”

Black Coffee and his "cheating" ways

The couple, who have been married for two years, claim they are being harassed by model and budding businesswoman Pheladi Makola.

"I wish this woman would leave me alone. She has been harassing me for the past two months, running to the media and trying to extort money from us," Mlotshwa said.

"She's asked for amounts of R3500 right up to R20000.

"She threatens to beat me up. I'm tired of this girl and her fabricated stories. I want her to leave me alone. Even if they did sleep together, why is she involving me? Whatever problems my husband and I have, we'll work through them," she said, fighting back tears.

The couple considered opening a criminal case against Makola, but police records show no docket was opened.

The Pretoria beauty had a different story to tell when she met Sunday World this week.

She denies the extortion claims, saying the only money she asked for - and got - was R7000 that Black Coffee offered as reimbursement for a shoot she missed because she went away with him.

"Mbali is just embarrassed that this has all blown up. They're stooping very low now. It's crazy to say I have been harassing them.

"I'm not even a fan of Black Coffee's. He approached me on Twitter and wanted to hook up," said Makola.

According to her, the DJ - real name Nkosinathi Maphumulo - started following her on the social network in February and when she reciprocated, he sent her a direct message almost immediately. "The first DM he sent said: 'Wow, babe, you're hot.' I just laughed and knew then that this guy was thirsty."

She claimed that the DJ pursued her, sending flirtatious messages and private pictures and making plans for meetings. "He wanted to meet me from the first time we spoke, but I kept putting him off. When I suggested a restaurant, he said that wasn't private enough. He wanted to meet in a hotel."

They eventually met at a McDonald's in Arcadia. Makola said that if she had wanted to, they would have had sex that night because "I've never seen such a thirsty man".

Makola produced screen-munched DMs between herself and @Real BlackCoffee on Twitter, as well as texts from the same number that Sunday World has for the DJ.

In one, @RealBlackCoffee asks Makola what she's up to, and when she replies "In bed watchin tv, lazy Sunday" he responds "Can I join?"

Makola told Sunday World: "If he has such a perfect life at home, why would he send me such messages?"

She said the two of them went to Polokwane last month when Black Coffee was playing a gig. She claimed they drove with his friend and handler Amaru Da Costa in a Mercedes-Benz G-wagon. "Things got heated between us in the back seat, but he didn't seem bothered that Amaru was there and Amaru was cool. It's obvious they do this all the time."

Makola showed Sunday World a picture of herself in the courtyard of Fusion Hotel, where she said she shared a room with Black Coffee last month. She claims Da Costa took the picture, and the DJ is clearly visible in the background. "We didn't take pictures together because he was clearly being careful."

Da Costa, who handles Black Coffee's Soulistic Music business, laughed off the allegations. "I've never met her. Black Coffee doesn't drive a car like that and neither do I. In fact, I never travel with him. She's nuts, whoever she is."



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