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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Is Move Magazine the new Soapie Teaser?

BATHONG! What's the point of buying TV Plus when we have Move Magazine now? If I didn't know better I'd say Move is working with popular soapie, Generations. The past few months have seen Move using Generations Soapie characters as the covers of issues. 

From Xoli (who played Zodwa on the soapie) to Thato (who plays Nicholas on the soapie), Move has been giving us a teaser on the soapie. Is Move Magazine running out of content to go with? Is the editor of Move Magazine slacking? These are the questions everyone wants to know. 

How do you run a magazine based on soapie characters? Having to buy a magazine just to read about non-existence people is boring and a waste of money. This is why they have below 10K followers on Twitter. 

Exactly what are they "Moving"? The soapie industry? They have to MOVE their game, and fast please.

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