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Friday, July 5, 2013

Oops! RGB fires Pearl Thusi

Iyoh! Move magazine recently revealed that the show had fired Pearl Thusi better known as The Real Black Pearl.

According to move she is being exed because of how she treats the back stage staff, looking down on them. She is also said to be leaking wrong gossip on Air and she has violated contract clauses.

She is also doing contracts outside the SABC which is not prohibited. She's also always later for shoots and the crew always complains and they also have to always reschedule because of her impunctuality which is expensive forthem. Sometimes she doesn't even bother coming. [Even the Isidingo crew is complaining].

When ask about this Pearl Thusi said we will found out tonight.

Suprisingly this comes after an Open Letter to Pearl Thusi. Iyho!


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