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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Xpanda Bad Advertising

Xpanda Group, a Security gate manufacture caused a stir over a new radio ad which people have labelled as a "Racist Ad" - Bad advertising.

Xpanda said that people would feel less aggrieved once the rest of the commercials are aired.

Xpanda added that the other commercials will be broadcasted soon.

This Is The Script of The Ad:

Voice Artist 1: "What are you inside for, boet?"

Voice Artist 2: "Eish, I was so hungry. So I walk to the kitchen by the boss's house and grab a roast chicken. The madam, she slammed the Xpanda door in my face. No way out. That is how I ended up in jail, with no chicken. Eish"

Voice Artist 3: Xpanda, arguably the world's best barrier security company. Dial 0861972632, or vist Xpanda.co.za to get your safety on."

(The Chicken is pronounced as Shekeen in the ad)

What are your thoughts?

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