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Monday, April 22, 2013

Catch up with Nambitha

After she revealed that she is leaving Generations We got to ask Nambitha a few questions and we decided to share with you guys.

How do you deal with Negative Remarks/Comment
I first consider the source. Empty vessels

Who did you Enjoy working with most on Generations
@NaakMusiQ  Anga Makubalo.

When did you start growing your dreadlocks?
January 1990.

Would you ever Cut dreadlocks?
No, Never! It is like a tradition for me like same as if asking would you ever cut off your finger.

Why are you leaving Generations?
I am spreading my wings.

There have been rumors that you are demanding, is this true?
I am not demanding. I have my own allergies and when I don't like something then I will not eat it. 

We wish you all the best Nambitha.
Thank you.


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