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Friday, April 5, 2013

Ofentse The Blogger

Meet Ofentse Thembi Mthembu. A inspirational blogger. Her story inspires many souls out there.

Who is Ofentse Mthembu?
Ok firstly my name is Thembi, Ofentse is the name I was given by my man reason being that I have conquered a lot when it comes to him and our relationship! So Thembi Ofentse Mthembu is a worshiper,banker, who loves taking pix, and who has love for young girls,from Jozi but I had stayed at Qwa-Qwa till I was five when my dad passed away I had to move here to stay with my mom in my fathers house.. But we were kicked out of the house after my dads burial by my mothers in laws My mom tried to fight for it , the house m talking about but she lost the case because they said I am a girl and I am still young to own the house So we stayed at some house as tenants for three years Until my mom was able to buy the house

Wow Rough Childhoood, Did that have any setbacks in your life?
Not really I was still young to understand what was happening.

At Present, How would you define Ofentse?
Ofentse is a strong girl, who loves God and fears him so much, who is determined to achieve goals she sets for herself..a dreamer, who loves life!

Why blogging?
Hmmm blogging, well I do it for fun but fun that is informative, valuable & inspiring.. It's about me reaching out to the world!

 What is your blog all about?
It's about me and what I do & what I am up to! You know my experiences.

From Your Blog I Know You Have Helped A Lot Of People, What DreamsDo you have about yourself and helping Others?
To help young girls realise their full potential and become positive contributors in the society, teenage pregnancy is just increasing and if I can make that decrease it will be a dream come true

Where do you get your inspiration?
My boyfriend!

What is your motto?
Only the best is Good enough!!

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  1. This is an example that God is incharge of our lives,a young woman taking the steps of helping otherb young woman. God bless u sdudla

  2. sweet... ur wish is sure coming true

  3. sweet... ur wish is sure coming true


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