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Friday, April 5, 2013

[INTERVIEW] Locnville

We got to talk to Andrew of the Dominant Twin duo, Locnville. They are known for their great music and personality.

So Tell us, what is "Locnville" all about?
Andrew: To me, Locnville is about making music that makes you fold. I have
those moments when I have to grab my head at the awesomeness of some
tracks I hear. I aim to do the same for other people and with thought
behind it.

Tell us more about your background
Andrew: It really depends on how deep we wanna go, but basically, it all
started at around age 6. I got a huge interest in music and lyrical
content. We've made so many different kinds of music over the years that I
think it was inevitable to eventually define our own unique sound and

So yall formed Locnville in Cape Town, how was the rise to fame?
Andrew: It was a relatively quick one, only from the point that we had
actually released Sun In My Pocket on radio. We'd working for a long time
before that to actually get to that moment, but when it hit, we really had
to move quickly.

You Guys Made A Name For Yourselves Simply Because Y'all Are Multi-Talented Identical Twin Brothers, Has Anyone Mistaken Any One Of You?
Andrew: It doesn't happen too often. We're quite different in many ways.

Your Debut studio album titled Sun In My Pocket was released in South Africa in February 2010[3][4] and had proven to become a major success, peaking at #1. How Did This Make Y'all Feel?
Andrew: It was an amazing feeling, but only really in retrospect. At the
time we were so busy following up on the hype that we rarely got time to
really take it all in.

At The 2010 Mk Awards Y'all Won The Award For "Best Newcomer" Surely It Was Exciting, right?
Andrew: Ofcourse! Who doesn't want to win awards right?

Your Second Album Titled "Running To Midnight" was released on July 1, 2011. Which Included the hit single "Stars Above You" And An Awesome Music Video Behind It,Did the Album receive a lot of recognition and attention?
Andrew: It did in many different ways. And we got a lot of mixed reviews
on that album, most of the magazine reviews praised it a lot more than Sun
In My Pocket, but we didn't get a lot of radio support. I think that whole
experience taught us a real balance in what we do and how we roll it out.

Do You'll Have Any Crazy Fans?
Andrew: We do, but it's all good intentions, so we have no complaints.

You Guys are related to charlie chaplin, When Y'all Found Out, how did you react?
Andrew: I don't recall any reaction really, there wasn't a definitive
moment that we realized, we were just always aware of it growing up.

Any advice you'd like to share with your fans?
Andrew: It's all about little steps. There's always a greater goal to work
towards bit it's the smaller goals you tackle that leads up to that
moment. Evolve yourself!

To Wrap this interview up, Where can your fans find news, latest music and info about Locnville?
Andrew: All the usuals, you can stay up on Facebook.com/Locnville
<Locnville> but we're most active on our Twitter, you
can follow us at @locnville



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