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Friday, March 22, 2013

Meet Vinton

By God's grace we meet again awesome people. We mentioned that for March we going more into the world of Photos. If you thought Photographer was just another bore thing well Meet Vinton, a young aspiring photographer and twitter sensation..

Why Photographer?
That's simple. It's about the art of it, and unlike any other type, this one is intriguing, getting to capture time, the beauty of the moment.. Bringing out the beauty of things, of people in a way the normal eye can't see, unless it's photographed.

Who is your favorite photographer of all times?
It has to e the guy that mentors me, Tebatso Maila. I feel I share the same style of photography he's into. His work is amazing.

Do you have a certain style or trend?
Of photography? Yes. I'm more into the artistic type. Not of landscape or anything, but of people. I love capturing people.

Now we have to ask for the ladies, Is Vinton Single?
*Laughs* No ey, I am not Single.

What dreams do you have about your photography career? 
Well, for right now, it's still just a hobby I love and enjoy. As long as I can keep shooting and be making money of it. That's a dream enough. *Laughs* And I use a pretty basic camera, getting that DSLR camera would make this even more awesome.

Check out his work

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  1. He's awesome and his personality is just too great. I like him and wish him all the best <3

  2. I love your work :-)


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