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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[INTERVIEW] Rolling with The Muffinz

Soon, the question on everybody’s lips will be: “Have You Heard? Have you heard how The Muffinz rule the world?”. The Muffinz have unleashed their mysteriously beautiful world of eclectic soul to the South African public and they are set for world domination.

The Muffinz consist of..?
The Muffinz consists of 5 members.That is; Karabo Moeketsi (bass,vocals),Gregory Mabusela (drums,vocals), Mthabisi Sibanda (Acoustic guitar, vocals), Sfiso Bhutelezi (electric guitar, vocals), Simphiwe Kula (electric guitar, vocals)

What was the motivation behind the name The Muffinz?
The name was inspired by a lame joke.You can google it, 'the muffin joke'

When did you guys meet and how long have you been together?
Simphiwe, Mthabisi and Sfiso met at the UJ Choir. Karabo played bass for the then group, 'Item 45'. This is where he met Mthabisi and Sfiso.Sfiso met Gregory,through another band. They finally united in 2011 to form the Muffinz as we know it. We are now 2 years and a couple of months old now.

Tell me about the kind of music you sing and why did you take that direction.
Our music is derived from different genres, influences and sounds.Our genre is called Eclectic Soul Trip.

How difficult was it for you to get in the music industry?
It had its challanges, especially financially.Also it was difficult to be taken seriously because we are young and also doing something new in the market. We had no idea what genre of music represents us.

What are your songs about?
Our music is inspired by what we go through daily and what we have experienced in our communities,families and relationships.This has inspired the direction of our music.

Who are your musical Influences?
The Jazz and Reggea genre. In terms of musicians, it is Themba Mkhize and Jimmy Dludlu

What Images do you think your music convey?
Images of Flight and movement

Where do you draw inspiration from when your write songs
Daily occurances in our individual lives

Your favorite part about the process?
When you have written the song and its completed and everyone is satisfied.

What are your immediate music career goals in the next 5 years?
Our immediate goals are winning the Samas and Grammy's.Also touring around the world spreading our music.

Tell me about the recording process of your album
it was a phenominal experience, we worked with proffesionals  that made us feel at ease in the studio environemnt, that was new to us.

Do you prefer performing on stage or recording in studio?
We prefer performing on stage as our strength is the live element.

What has been your biggest break or greatest opportunity so far in your musical career?
1. Getting signed to Just Music
2. An Endorsement from Yamaha
3. Opening for the Red Hot Chilli  Peppers at Soccer City.
4. Winning Metro FM award for 'Best Group'

What has been the biggest challenge for you as a group?
For us the biggest challenge has been transportation, because we are a live band that has a lot of equipment to move. Also, like other musicians, finances have been a challenge.But we can see the light now.

 If you were to collaborate with any local or international artist,who will it be?
Locally, we would collaborate with Tidal Waves. Internationally it would be Robert Glasper.

Whom have you shared a stage with and how was the experience?
Sharing the stage with Red Hot Chillie Peppers this year, was incredible. They are legendary and have won many awards and we aspire to have the same legacy in years to come.

How do you feel about Illegal music downloads?
Its pap because it keeps us hungry as artists.

What advice do you have for the youth?
We want the Youth to believe in their dreams as this is their power. Nothing is impossible and we hope we are a shining example of that.




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