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Monday, November 11, 2013

Tina Mkwaiwa attacked for being a yellow bone

Tina Mkwaiwa is one unlucky woman. She has escaped death many times and recently after being attacked by a group of allegedly drunk people who accused her of being “a man thief”.

Tina, who is married to Mpumalanga businessman Prosper Mkwaiwa, was assaulted, pelted with stones and stabbed in the back with a broken beer bottle at the Big Five shisa nyama in Zithobeni township outside Bronkhorstspruit last Sunday.

She was rushed to a private clinic, treated and discharged the same day.

An eyewitness said Tina was stepping out of a black Mercedes to promote her new single ( Which Single? Is she still a singer ?) at the venue when a woman known only as Mercy confronted her and accused her of being a “yellow bone” (a light-skinned woman) who snatches men from their partners.

“They pelted her with stones and one woman stabbed her with a broken beer bottle in the back as she was running towards her car.”

Tina confirmed the attack.

“Eish! Bangiyezele masimba labantu tjo! (They showed me shit those people!),” she said.

“I’m lucky to be alive. Those people would have killed me if some people who sympathised with me did not come to my rescue,” Tina told City press.

“She [Mercy] said to me I’m this ‘yellow bone’ from Jozi who came to Bronkhorstspruit to steal their men. I did not even have an opportunity to ask her what she was talking about when she attacked me.

“Her friends joined her and attacked me when I fought back in self-defence. They threw stones at me and one of them stabbed me in the back when I was running towards my car.

“Whose man did I steal? I did not steal anyone’s man.”

Tina said the group also threw stones at her car as she was driving away from the shisa nyama.

“They damaged it. I opened a case of assault GBH [grievous bodily harm] and malicious damage to property, and the law must take its course,” she said.

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