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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Write lyrics for AKA and The Soil! you could win R50 000

Sing ’it is an exciting songwriting competition, presented by LitNet and proudly sponsored by Sanlam, that provides an empowering platform for anyone interested in music, writing or just being creative in general. It’s the only competition of its kind that brings together SA artists and fans in such a unique, collaborative way. The concept behind Sing ’it is simple:

1) You write some great lyrics before 30 September 2013. Submit your lyrics on the Sing ‘it Facebook page, or Email to Email your lyrics to singit@litnet.co.za or enter HERE. You can also enter by SMSing your name, age and artist of choice followed by your lyrics, to 33641.

2) Four of South Africa’s top musicians will then each choose their favourite lyrics and record them as brand new songs. If your words are chosen, you’re in for some great prizes, so let your words live!

3) These new tracks will be made available for free download in November 2013, with the song voted as Sing ‘it fans’ favourite also being made into a huge music video production!


AKA - is defying all hip hop conventions to support an aspiring rap lyricist in making a dream come true. Even though it’s not generally accepted to have someone else write your rhymes, AKA is looking for someone whose words will inspire him.

THE SOIL - will accept lyrics in English, but writers are free to submit lyrics in any South African language. “We are looking for lyrics that are original, but do not deviate from what The Soil is already producing,” says the a cappella group from Soweto

BLACKYARD – No lyric writing competition would be complete without a group of sexy songbirds to sing your ballads. BlackByrd will be looking for lyrics that match their country pop sound. “Remember to write from the heart,” is their advice. The trio has recently entered the South African music scene with a bang and already has four SAMA awards on their mantelpiece.

STRAATLIGKINDERS - ”It’s a huge honour to be a part of Sing ‘it 2013,” says Straatligkinders frontman Bouwer Bosch. The rock band from Potchefstroom will be looking for Afrikaans lyrics that tell a personal story. “Everyone can identify with a true story and Afrikaans is a language of storytelling, so it will be fun to compete against the other, mainly English, artists.”



  • All entries must reach LitNet by 30 September 2013. Any lyrics received after 30 September will not be entered into the competition.
  • Only persons 18 years and older may enter the competition.
  • Lyrics may be submitted in any of South Africa’s official languages. If you use languages other than Afrikaans or English, translations/explanations of the words/phrases must accompany your lyrics.
  • Only electronic entries submitted through the Sing ‘it entry application on Facebook and/or LitNet will be accepted.
  • Lyrics may not contain cursing, hate speech, blasphemy or slander.
  • Entries must be original. Adaptations of any material published previously/elsewhere, or that has been performed commercially in any form, will not be accepted.
  • By entering in the Sing ‘it competition, you certify that all lyrics entered are your own original and unaided work. It has not been copied, plagiarised, or stolen from another source in any way. You certify that you’re not aware of anybody else using these words for purposes of a song or any other form of writing, nor are you aware of anywhere else, other than the LitNet website, that these words have been published. Youindemnify LitNet and any artist using the words of the lyrics you entered for the Sing ‘it competition from any law suit or damages arising from the words you have entered for the Sing ‘it competition.
  • Lyrics submitted for last year’s competition, but not chosen as winning lyrics, may be entered again.
  • Although all possible precautions will be taken, LitNet accepts no liability for the loss of any texts. Entrants should keep copies of their texts and check that their entries do appear on LitNet. (Please allow at least one working week for proofreading and publication.)
  • All entries will be published on LitNet. Entrants retain copyright of their lyrics, but LitNet has the right to use entries on various platforms – including other publications – to promote the competition.
  • LitNet will indicate entrants’ copyright, but will not be liable if entrants’ lyrics are used for compositions outside of the competition.
  • LitNet accepts no responsibility in the event that lyrics submitted for the competition and/or published on LitNet are plagiarised.
  • The publication of any lyrics on LitNet implies an acceptance of the LitNet website’s general Terms and Conditions.
  • Only the artists/bands themselves will choose which lyrics they wish to compose music for. Neither LitNet nor Sanlam will have any say in their decisions. However, if the total number of entries is unmanageable, pre-selection by professional judges may take place.
  • LitNet’s choice of winners is final and non-negotiable.
  • If one of the nominated bands chooses your lyrics to compose music for, a prize of R5 000 (per song lyric) will be awarded to you. If more than one of the nominated artists/bands choose your lyrics you will be paid per composition.
  • If a band chooses your lyric, you will forfeit all profit rights to the song. However, you will be acknowledged as the lyricist and retain copyright for any further/new musical compositions of the lyrics.
  • Bands will have the right to adapt lyrics to some extent to suit their specific style. The adaptation of lyrics is subject to LitNet’s approval.
  • The four artists have access to all lyrics entered – including lyrics written for specific artists – and may choose any of the lyrics, including those written specifically for other artists. However, lyrics written for specific artists will be passed on to them as such. Your artist preference will not be published on LitNet.
  • Only the winners will be notified personally.
  • Contestants who are identified as winners give permission for LitNet to publish photos of them,  as well as interviews and/or video footage. Winners also agree to provide the above-mentioned photos, as well as to make themselves available for said (video) interviews.
  • If your song lyric is chosen as a winner, LitNet will mediate all interactions with the media. You must be available for interviews and/or comments.
  • All correspondence between songwriters and artists will be conducted by LitNet.
  • If the song containing your lyrics wins the budget for the music video you will have the opportunity to appear in the video if you would like to do so (at Sing ’it’s expense if you reside within the borders of South Africa). Your appearance in the video is optional, not obligatory.
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