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Thursday, July 18, 2013

HAIBO! The Sophie Ndaba Drama

I was shocked when I read this. I thought Keith was a God-fearing man... A Pastor but his latest actions shock me...

Firstly he lashes out their (Him and Sophie) dirty laundry in Public. He says Sophie forced him to get circumcised. I am still wondering what he wants us to do with this Information. Why didn't he bring this to our attention earlier?? He has children for Goodness sake, he behaved in a childish manner and very stupid.

The pastor went on to get a restraining order against the Popular Actress known by her role as Queen Moroka on Generations. He later leaked the copy of the restraining order to Drum  Magazine. Shu..

Then if all was not bad he leaked this picture that he took of Sophie in 'happier times'. Shame Sir, Have you no shame? What kind of person behaves like this? 

Images sourced from Just Curious


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