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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Facebook slowly becoming the New Twitter

Both are one of the best Social Networks ever. Facebook having 'more' users than Twitter but recent changes done by Facebook shock me.

You will remember when Facebook introduced the 'Cover Photo' Twitter already had the 'Header.'
Rihanna's profile on Twitter showing her Header

Rihanna's page on Facebook showing her Cover Photo

Facebook did not sop there. They went to introduce the 'Timeline' knowing Twitter had a 'Timeline. They also introduced the 'Share button' which is similar to Twitter's 'Retweet' button. Then Facebook Introduced Followers and Twitter had 'Followers'
Twitter image showing Rihanna's Followers
Facebook image showing a Users followers

Shame to the people who thought that was enough, Facebook introduced 'Verified' Pages. This was done by Twitter a long time ago, verifying real accounts of celebs. [Did they have to do it in Blue?]
Rihanna's Twitter page Showing The verified blue mark

Rihanna's Facebook Page showing the blue verified mark

Even myself I thought that was Enough... Until Facebook introduced #Hashtags which have been on Twitter like FOREVER! 
Twitter showing a #Hashtag about Rrihanna



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