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Monday, June 10, 2013

TWAR!! NtsiPhonik

Phresh from Black Twitter is a Twar between non other than Ntsiki Mazwai and Dj Euphonik AGAIN! Remember this is not the first time the two have a Twitter War. Last year around June they had a bash out on twitter.

Dear Ntsiki and Euphonik

We are tired of your childish behaviour. Firstly you Twar for stupid things. Secondly you use the same 'ish' on each other over and over again. This comes to Ntsiki not bathing and Euphonik being a woman basher. This is getting lame.

Twitter is not for your attention seeking stunts. The two of you are adults, Ntsiki if you want to play Women Rights Activist, then do it the right way. Euphonik, If you have a 'problem' against Ntsiki, we don;t want to know. The two of you are grownups now.

This brings me to Bonang. The twar was between Ntsiki and Euphonik, I don't know how it concerns her as she called Ntsiki a Sheep. Really?

This is not a personal agenda but merely a concerned Fan. Please, keep your Biz behind closed doors. Anyway, Keep bringing Good Music.


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