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Monday, June 3, 2013

Top 10 Most disliked Mzansi Celebs

We all know being a public figure comes with a lot of challenges. Well I decided to do a survey on Twitter to see which Celebs are the most disliked/Dissed. The list isn't quite shocking though.

10. Lunga Shabalala

I don't know know why some people don't like him. He got 44 Votes as the most disliked celeb. Some saying he is arrogant and rude towards his followers.

9. Dj Fresh
Fresh, Fresh Fresh. My Word! If you could follow the man you will see that he is an entertainer and has certain smart replies.

8. Unathi Msengana

Now this is Shocking! I think Unathi 'voters' were still on the issue of the Open Letter. Let it go already. Unathi is said to be very RUDE and she thinks she controls People.

7. Pearl Thusi

[Laughs] Oh Dear! Ms MTN (Every Where You Go). A certain Tweep said She dislikes Pearl Thusi For she failed to be creative and stole Pearl Moody's name 'The Real Black Pearl'. Another one said She is everywhere (Well It's not her fault you fail to be everywhere).

6. ProTwekers

Tweeps will always Judge. Poor Girls hated for their Talented. The Ass-shakers really have a lot of Haters on Twitter. I feel for these girls. Go on Hunnies, Shake what yo mama gave you.

5. L'vovo

L'vovo, The former celeb who is now a tweleb really irritates a lot of people on Twitter, judging by the votes. L'vovo is also like Fresh, has those 'smart' replies.

4. Loyiso Gola

Shame, Poor Loyiso. The comedian is not much of a comedian on Black Twitter. A day never ends without someone 'dissing' him. Qina!!!

3. AKA

I have to admit, I'm not much of a fan. (He blocked me BTW). Woo Shame! The hate on this guy, some say  he's rude and stuff.

2. L Tido

Mr Who You Lovin, Poor L Tido. The rapper literally is the most made fun of on Black Twitter. He is also dissed for his 'whack' music.

1. Nonhle Thema

Mama Smurfette, The Queen of Twars! She deserves the award Bathong!
- She searches her name
- Always seeking attention
- Makes Controversial remarks
- Doesn't know when to SIT down
- She is too Beautiful for such!



  1. You have nothing said on Fresh,as to why he's being disliked or dissed. Do you mean he's replies entertains when he replies back to people who dissed him?

  2. I agree with your list!! Your blog is quite dope *followed*.


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