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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sad Young Nucho

I would also be sad and mad. Who wouldn't be? I mean finding out a baby you thought was yours is not really is devastating. Well it is worse when the people involved are in the center of fame. Young Nucho had to deal with the issue the hard way.

Nucho was very supportive when Nonhle was pregnant.. no doubt about that...

Then the most sad pics in the world at the moment:

I mean he referred to Nonhle's baby as his 'Little girl'

After that Nonhle went on to Drum to reveal baby daddy Arthur Bolton and apparently is he related to Lupe Fiasco.

Anyway back to Young Nucho.. It seems as if Nucho was not aware that he was not the baby daddy judging from his recent tweets

This is just a sad story. Why would Nonhle not tell Young Nucho he aint the baby daddy than let him embarrass himself like that? Big up to Young Nucho. You're a real Nigga!


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