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Thursday, May 9, 2013

[RUMOUR] Ja Rule released from Jail

N.O.R.E. takes to the Twitter Airwaves to announce that Ja Rule was home and encouraged fans to welcome him back home.

It has been nearly two years since Queens native, Ja Rule turned himself in to authorities in order to begin serving a sentence associated with a weapons charge. Well, according to N.O.R.E. Ja Rule is now a free man.

There has been no other confirmation of Ja Rule’s release outside of the information coming from N.O.R.E. at this time.

Over the past several months the rapper has faced a number of released dates, with the last reported release date being July 28th of this year.

At current there has been no indication of what Ja Rule’s first move will be in the way of the Hip Hop industry.



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