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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ntsiki Mazwai Uncovered [PART 1]

A self-moving persona. One amazing lady, she speaks fluent poetry... her name is Ntsiki Mazwai... A wonderful spirited African lady. I got to talk to her.
How would you define Ntsiki?
A ball of energy that uses art to heal n raise consciousness. The girl next door but with Super-Powers.

How did you get into Music?
Music is something most of us are born with- its just that some of us MUST use it.

Thats true. Who inspires you?
I like to live 'In The Moment'- so find inspiration Anywhere n everywhere

Describe your style of music in one word. 
BEAUTIFUL. I call my music ‘spoken’ music – it has strong kwaito, jazz and soul influences. My strength is that I’m a lyricist.

I've never seen you with a man, is Ntsiki single or taken?
That's because I like to keep it private.

How do you deal with negative comments/remarks?
A friend of mine always says - "If it's not love, then it's fear" - these people clearly fear my potential.

Deep. Tell me about #Ndingubani.
I feel like I put my spirit in a washing machine. A lot of bleeding and healing. Truth hurts but it's liberating.

What inspired the title #Ndingubani
"Ndingubani mna xandi funa ube ngowam?" As in, "How dare I want you to be mine?" When you are someone else's...
What can we expect from #Ndingubani? 
You can expect to laugh a little, cry a little, feel power a little, appreciate a little and hang out with icheri egrand A LOT! This album explores the grey areas of LOVE. It's brave.

Besides yourself, who is your favorite artist?
I like a little bit of a lot of people. How can I know my favorite when I don't know everything? I like authenticity though. I respect any artist who shows integrity. I don't like 'illusions'.

Is #Ndingubani any different from your other albums? 
South Africa is just about to experience a sound they didn't even know we could represent BIG TIME on.

Do you see yourself as a trend-setter?
Girls gotta set some kinda trend!

You once posed naked with other South African women to fight against crime. How did your family feel?
They were supportive... Most of them.

Someone suggested a poetry album. What do you say?
I need poetry with music yazi. Our producers NEED songwriters.

What is your motto?
Life is for the LIVING.

Listen to YOU  here:



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