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Monday, May 27, 2013

Moment with Dumi Masilela

I had the chance to talk to one of the New Kids in The Block, Dumi Masilela. He is an interesting guy and very Humble.

For the PE readers that don't know, what defines Dumi?
I'm defined by realizing my dreams. I only have 1 life so there's no time or place for fear.

Tell us about life growing up in the Masilela household and your sibilings
I'm the eldest of 3 sons, mom and dad are married for 26 years and it was a good upbringing with my dad as a pastor.

Is your family traditionally or Christianity?
We are a Christian Family

Values and morals that you can never forget being brought up?
Family is everything and Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Do you have a Special lady in your life?
Not yet,  I'm still looking for her.

What would you say makes for a happy and solid relationship be it with family, friends and that special someone?
Transparency, Honesty and Communication.

How do you handle situations when you're under pressure?
I work better under pressure but its always better to keep a cool head under pressure.

Do you find that you are treated differently now that you famous?
Fame is a relative concept but I'm related to differently yes.

What inspired your love for Music?
I grew up in a house full of musicians so its all I know really.

Idols, tell us more about that?
Idols was a platform to show the country what I can do as a young growing artist and performer and luckily for me it was a life changing experience.

What achievement are you content with in your life as a young man in South Africa?
I'm happy that even with all the drastic changes in my life I'm still a son and a brother at home.

Are you involved in any special projects currently outside your busy career?
Yes I'm currently working on my own mixtape and in studio with my group RABBA SWAGGA.

How did you get in Rhythm City?
I got called to come audition after my spell on Idols

How is Rhythm City so far?
RC is such a close family, I really feel like iv been there all my life. The cast and crew r jus amazing.

Being the all round artist that you are, which one of your crafts would you say is your first love?
Everything I do is from the bottom of my heart and soul so its hard to find a favourite.

So how do you deal with negativity? Actually, have you had any?
Being a public figure you have to realise that you are a target of public opinion. And I'm not here to be liked by anyone, I'm here to work. If the right people believe in me, that's all I need.

Back to idols, how was your experience there?
 Idols was one of the best decisions I ever made. I met amazing talent and discovered a lot about myself as an artist.

Dude you have done so much already. How old are you vele?
I'm 24 and this is only the beginning.

When and how did you get into the lime light?
My claim to fame was my short lived professional soccer career, idols and now RC.

How do you cope and maintain a clear head with all the pressure of 3 different trends?
Its fairly easy for me cause people appreciate the work I put in and not the moments I celebrate. So I just keep my head down and keep on learning and improving.

Have you always been an actor or is it something you branched off into once you were in the industry, Tell us more about that?
RC is my 1st acting gig. I didn't go to school for it but I'm here. So its humbling but we learn as we go.

Your goose bump, most heart-warming moment?
Seeing my first scene on screen with my family.

Was it always your dream to be a famous figure?
Not for me hey. When I was younger I wanted to be a Doctor, but I did everything but medicine [LAUGHS].

What motivated you to chase this dream and what challenges have you faced?
I'm inspired by the impossible. So when that small voice in my head tells me I can't, I work at it until I achieve it. I believe I'm my own worst enemy. So I make sure I always win against my fears.

You're very stylish, how do you keep up with the trends and still have your own identity?
I'm my own person and I love fashion and looking good. I'm an expressive dresser and thats where it all comes from.

Are you a biker or car type of guy?
 A bit of both. I'm getting my own bike this summer, I'm excited. But I love my car too.

Would you say your taste in cats and clothes complement each other, if so how?
 I think that as a guy what you wear and drive should say something about your personality.

Your fantasy ride?
 I don't have a fantasy ride but I collect miniature Ferraris so maybe thats my car.

Is your music career on hold?
NO it isn't, I'm busy on a mixtape to just inspire crazy kids with dreams just like me. I'm releasing my 1st single titled CONQUER for download on the 31st MAY *info on my twitter @dumimasilela1.

And your soccer career?
With my new found feet in entertainment it becomes extremely difficult to go back soccer professionally but I still play socially.

Does your apperance mean everything to you and would you advise the same to other young men out there?
Yyour body is like your house, so I think its important to take care of it. But its not everything, there's more to people than their looks.

What's the latest gadget you own?
Its a CANON D1100 camera as I'm starting to fall in love with photography, once I get better I'll invest in more equipment.

Where does Dumi Masilela see himself in 5 years?
5 years from now I see myself as an established actor, musician, artist, presenter and radio DJ. And a young successful businessman and community developer.

Have you ever had any crazy fan moments?
[LAUGHS] I have a lot of those but its always weird cause I'm still that chilled guy from Kempton Park. But its all humbling though.

Inspiring words for the youth that aspires to be in the same industry?
Be true to yourself, don't pitch up to fit in, pitch up to stand out.


  1. O.M.G DUMI usingle ebana!!!!can't wait for da mixtape

  2. This guy is such a sweetie! Love him to bits!! Munchie **,)

  3. Nice INTERVIEW!

    But Dumi please stop saying: "I MEAN..." frequently on RC its Annoying, However do keep up the Good work.

    PHRESH ENT delivers again. :-)

    1. That will depend on the Script writers Commentee. Thanks for reading. :)

  4. This interview/whole Blog is so Proper I envy Y'all. Thanks for the awesome words Dumi.

  5. I love this dude he's going places I tell you.Oh wait did u mention he's single?yeah? Hehehe☺! Yay!!

  6. Wow such a talented young guy.

  7. Guys keep it up! Your Blog is awesome!!

  8. Hey! This is really a great blogs as you guys are discussing about Dumi. I want to see his concerts if he will organize one in LA.


  9. He is HOT, TALENTED AND SO SWEET!!!! I love him so much.. *Kisses*

  10. Dumi Kiss me :(

  11. God bless this guy! *fans self*

  12. Oh He can get it, anyday, anytime, anywhere!

  13. This is by far the greatest interview I've eve read. Big up to Lushian and Dumi **,) GAWD!

  14. hi dumi you are ausome keep up the good work we will support you all the way much love

  15. hi dumi you are ausome keep up the good work we will support you all the way much love

  16. keep up the good work...you're an inspiration to everyone.young people could learn a lot from you.God bless

  17. aggg shame on all o' yall guys he is happily with amo chidi

  18. aggg shame on all o' yall guys he is happily with amo chidi


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