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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Meet the Beloved

Like many others there, I am a lover of gospel music. When I  am feeling down or just need to lift my spirit gospel is where Ii turn to. When I met this awesome trio, their music touched my soul.

How was the group founded?
 The group was formed through a vision that came to us through performances we do at church . And we decided that we should make it an official group instead of just singing for the sake of doing special songs at church but carry out the message to the whole world.

How many members are in the group
 The group has 3 member. Yongama Levertte, Thabiso Mfumadi and Paul Mokoena

Who came up with the group's name, Beloved?
We sat down and came up with suggestions of Names and "THE BELOVED" was the name we chose by the help of the Holy Spirit

Who manages the group?
The group is Managed by Siwe Mmelikhaya

How does the group define itself?
We are defined by the word of God. Christ in US the hope of glory is our definition.

How do you define your style of Music?
Contemporary urban gospel music, combines worship, R&B, hip hop, with a bit of traditional music

Do you think your Music is South African orientated or influenced by International "RNB"?
 Our Music is a bit of both we hail from SA but also influenced by the international style. So you will get both in our music

Have you guys always wanted to be Singers or was it just something that caught your eye along the way?
 We are members of the choir at church. Music is our lifestyle, we breathe and live music. Its something that has always been in our DNA

Would you consider yourselves a brand or just a group?
We have a Vision to give lives a meaning and a purpose for living. Our mandate is to impact lives with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, so we are a brand that's a force to reckon with

One word that describes Beloved  is..
LOVE (Love encompasses all)

When and how did your first break come through?
As I've mentioned earlier on that we are singing at church and we are granted an opportunity to perform from time to time. And for recording the soon to be released single is our first break

Who do you think is the best Singer of all times?
We have different singers whom we perceive individually as the best singer of all times. And will name just 3 i. Donnie Mcklurckin
ii. Keke Phofolo
iii. Sinach

Who have you performed with?
 We have performed with Tebogo Twin and Franka Stober

How many times a week/month do you guys meet to Rehearse?
We meet 3 times a week to rehearse and that also includes our choir rehearsal for church

How do you decide which Song is best?

 Every song we write is the best song, we give our best in all songs and we are prayerful.

Gospel is sung by many in South Africa, what Makes your music unique?
Our music brings families together, it speaks of the goodness of the Lord, it gives you a language and motivates you to speak right and confess good upon your life. This is a life changing Music and the message is clear

You guys will be releasing your first Single Album, IT WAS YOU, Tell me about that.
Yes and we are very excited about this project, its like a dream come thru. We are working on the Single with our engineers now and by end of May the Single will be released. You don't wanna Miss IT WAS YOU, this song will uplift you, motivate you and cause you to worship and be gratified to God.


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