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Monday, April 29, 2013

Valentino - Dance Tonight

Valentino has done it again, his new single "Dance Tonight" promises to be one of the best when it comes to local electro music.

Valentino who is also well known as "Tino" seems to be more of a versetile Artist than that of what we most might have expected from him - this really shows great talent, dedication and passion. 

Not so lone ago he was a leading singer for former Durban based Hip Hop group - then moved to reality TV on Durban's very own DurbanTv.mobi and released a few other Solo Hip Hop tracks.

He was seen at this years KZN's Top Model annual event pulling out a stunning performance.

"This year I am hoping to grow as an individual and also looking out on doing a lot of performances all over SA. I have always wanted to collaborate with a lot of local  artists - both young and old"

We all know Tino as the Hip hop Guy but this time around, he surprised us with a striking electro tune.

Download Dance Tonight


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  1. What a lovely Read. Thanks so much Lushian for posting this my Booh :)


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