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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Is Rihanna coming to SA?

The RihNavy (Rihanna Fans) Went crazy. This announcement was revealed by Big Concert which speculated about A female artist coming to Mzansi in October. The official Announcement will Be Made Monday, 8 April 2013 on Gareth Cliff's Show on 5fm.
With Albums Like "Diamonds", Loud, Talk that Talk, Rated R, Rihanna is the most assumed to make her way to South Africa.But as of yet, this is just speculation made by the Twitter Nation but they have their reasons.

Big Concerts gave these clues
  • She's Sold Over 41 Million Albums worldwide
  • She received over 2.9 Billion views on You tube
  • She has won over 6 Grammy awards
  • She has over 27 Million followers on Twitter
  • She is responsible for 18+ #1 Singles on the Billboard dance charts 

Rihanna's Stats:

  • She has sold over 100 Million records+ 
  • She has over 3.4 Billion views on youtube+ 
  • She has won 7 grammy awards+
  • She has 29 Twitter Followers+
  • She is responsible for 19 #1 Singles on the billboard Dance Charts

Brace yourself Mzansi.....


  1. OMG I Cant Wait.... Ahhhhhhhh Rihannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. We Love her Too. Lets wait for tomorrow for the official announcement


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