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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Sister In Nivea Ad

Like many other people out there, I am blessed with a Sister, a beautiful Sister. Her name is Nelly Galada. I think some will remember my interview with her.

It is no surpise why I am so excited, wouldn't you be? My Sister is a model and a an upcoming actress and when she was on the Nivea Ad I was over the moon. (She is the one wearing the Pink dress).

I think we all want what's best for those we love, and I want great things for my sister. She has been there for me through tough times and I respect and love her. She means the world to me.

You can follow her on Twitter| @NellyGalada

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  1. Its very pleasing and pleasant to see our country surely growing and revolving.. Its good to see that our youth are very determined and focused on pursuing their career and showing their potential. Niice :"D


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