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Monday, March 4, 2013

Shaun Headger

Hey there wonderful people. For March, I decided to go with something more, well Photography world. I met this young aspiring photographer and to tell the truth,  I loved his work. 

Tell me about you
My name is Shaun Headger,I'm a sixteen year old photographer(Not professional yet),who was born and raised in Limpopo by a single parent. I am now currently situated in Ppretoria. I got into photography a year ago and I am completely self-taught. I started taking pictures of myself,friends,family and other random stuff mostly for fun until one day I realized how passionate I was about photography,I fell in love with photography,and from there I started taking it more serious. That's when I started to grow and found out more about myself . Taking photos everyday pushed me to get more innovative and learn more about photography . Its not just me but a team of 3 guys ( @Cyko_lasmore ,  @DKaliver and including myself) who are behind the photography and the editing process. I may not be known now,But I'm working on becoming the best.

Who is your favorite photographer of all times?
I admire so many photographers,but I have to say Lee Jeffries is my favorite. He is very creative and unique in what he does.

Photographer is a way to ____

express yourself through images,without no sound or words. Turning your imagination and creativity into still images.

Who would you like to work with and why?
Anthony Bila, A South African photographer. I appreciate his work because of  It's original and creative. He does street and fashion photography,which is also the photography genre I do.

Describe your style
I wouldn't say I've found "My style" yet, I'm still young,so I still have time to develop and see what genre I'd fit in best,But at the moment I'm doing street photography which captures people,and places within the public domain .It needs a careful observation and an open mind ready to capture whatever appears to your eyes. At the same time I try to bond Street,fashion and portrait photography into one whole genre.

Do you think Photography has an influence in bad propaganda?
Yes,Photography has the potential to either present powerful truths or to create convincing fictions and in some cases most photographers only present one side of the story,which can change the attitude of the society towards the subject.

For bookings email: headgershaun@gmail.com
Follow Shaun on Twitter


  1. DOPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I Loooove This!!!

  2. Nice stuff bro .. S/o to Visions Of Retro! Keep it up

  3. Such beautiful work by a young artist. Wow

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  5. Great work bro,

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