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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

His name is Meezy

Not only is he a rapper but he sure looks like Usher. Ladies brace yourselves and meet the yummy Meezy, A 20 year old young aspiring rapper all the way from Port Elizabeth.

Who is Meezy?
Haha, it’s not easy describing who you are because other people may view you differently but I consider myself one of the few rappers who are gentlemen, I’m not a rapper but I’m an artist. I put a considerate amount of thought into my work so when I release I don’t disappoint my fans or myself.

What made you choose music?
I think music choose me, it’s actually funny how I started. When I was around 10years old I was playing toys with my friends, “role playing” and I wrote a rap for one of the characters and that escaladed into me attending open mics. From there I felt like I could do better than some mc’s there, so I starting writing.  Compliments came; my ego grew that fed my passion now there’s no turning back. This is me, it’s what I do best.

When did music become an option?
Since I could walk I’ve been swagging, since i could talk I’ve been rapping. Lol. I just grew with it and it stuck with me. It was a matter of time since I was known for it and I thought since I like the culture and everything about it, I should stick with it. funny enough, I don’t know if it symbolizes anything but I’ve got a birthmark on my tongue that’s shaped like Africa so I guess I’m destined for this haha. Lord Knows.

You seem pretty successful thus far, what’s your secret?
A lot of people think planning something is the the first step into getting something done but I believe action is the first step of progress. Too often people planning things and not doing them, so if you want to get something done just do it. I wouldn’t look at myself as successful yet, I just think I’m still at the beginning stages

What keeps you going?
Compliments, competition and dreaming keep me going. Compliments make you realise what you put in was worth it. Oh and these whack rappers that are already famous, I don’t want to name drop because it’s going to sound like I’m hating. I just want to make a big impact and raise the standards, so that’s what keeps me going

What makes your music unique?
I mostly rap about what RnB people sing about, so my music has that similar feel to it. Most rappers brag about expensive things and I try to say off that topic, because I want to make music that one can relate to. I aspire to inspire with my music and I also try fit some humour in my music, if you can make them smile then they’re all yours you know.

Where have you performed?
Wow, I’ve been everywhere in P.E. I’ve performed at The Boardwalk Amphitheatre twice, Gondwana’s, Captains, the list goes on. I actually want to take a break from performing now and focus on my image first because I don’t want to be forgotten by the end of the show. I want to be the highlight of the show. That’s why I’m currently working on my music to get it on the radio, and also make music videos so that once someone mentions my name, it’ll be an interesting long conversation.

Everyone is a rapper or a DJ these days, is this because it is an easy industry to be a part of?
There are way too many rappers out there, there are way too many DJ’s out there, it’s nothing more than a popularity contest really.  Only the well-known artists will make money from it, the rest will get exploited. Event promoters will take the young talented artists, put them on a platform to entertain their show and make money from it without giving anything to the entertainers. The less popular will get exploited by the word “exposure”.

Who in the industry do you look up to and hope to be successful as?
Its really funny how you’re friends can be your peers and your competition. Musically in terms of quality I look up to a Joburg rap group called ICU, i really like their music a lot. I’m actually a fan and there’s nothing wrong with that. In terms of success it has to be AKA, hands down haha. The guy is in his prime and he is controversial. Genuine entertainer.

Apparently you’re a fashion designer as well, how did that come about?
I think I was blessed with being creative because besides music, I also think of crazy designs for clothing. I’m not pulling a Kanye stunt but I think I have what it takes to run a clothing line. I would do it even if I wasn’t rapping, but by the fact that I’m a rapper and that I’ve got a fanbase then that’s just a bonus. The name of the clothing label is Stupid Swagg. It’s unique, fresh and it’s definitely something that should be on your body and closets

Who have you worked with?
I mostly work with Jae Maq on songs because his my producer, and he knows what type of beats I’m comfortable with. I work with GMC (Good.Music.Capmpaign) that’s my crew from PE. I also work with my homeboy Lucky, he doesn’t live far from my house so we work efficiently together and his got the talent, most people think we’re a group because we got so many tracks together but it’s just collabo’s. I’ve worked with ICU, Aniqe, House Natives, and Quadiktive sounds. It’s been a pleasure

How can people get your tracks
I recently opened a blog for my music, www.MeezyIV.blogspot.com  planning on updating it every Friday with a new track, and also record the journey of my life there as a rapper. I think it’ll be interesting especially since I’m about to pull some major moves soon

What else can we expect from you
My very 1st official mixtape produced by JaeMaq and myself. I hope to make this a very successful mixtape that’s why I’ll invest in making 2 music videos for it and get it excessive radio play, one way or another. Do it big or don’t do it at all, I don’t have anything against these other rappers that attack the small market by sharing their music on sites, but I  want to expose myself as a brand name that’s why I want to be television so people can know I’m serious about this.

What would you say is you’re biggest achievement thus far?
Being on Hype Magazine earlier on this year was my recent golden moment, but wining an award for best solo artist at the Fly Magazine Awards 2010 also made me realise I’m appreciated in my city.

Now… who would you “mac”, “marry” or “flush” lol between Pearl Thusi, Loot-Love and Minnie Dlamini
Wow!!! Hahaha.. uhm… I’d mac Minnie, yes I would!... I’d marry Loot-Love and I’d flush Pearl Thusi.. no offence!!! I just like loot-love because I know she’s into hiphop as much as I am, and Pearl Thusi is a hot yellow bone but she has a kid so bleh…. Minnie is hot but I feel like Loot does it better for me. I didn’t even have to explain myself did i?  but anyway….

How can people get hold of you?
@MeezyIV is my twitter handle… Facebook for my facebook fam. Running through security and grabbing me tight is one way to get hold of me too. It’s been amazing one love

That's it. To get some of Meezy's tracks click on the links

Meezy &  Lucky – Shut It Down Here

Meezy – mamas songHere

Meezy – Don’t let me goHere


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  1. Wow Wow Wow! Thsz wonderfulstuf man, rlly happy u've made it ths far ..& all I can cy to u is Nting 'antaka ndini...


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