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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

World of fashion

World of Fashion
A model in modern trend.

Its modern day world and quiet frankly I am surprised about the way people take the concept "Fashion' for. It seems like those days were the world Fashion would be used only to describe women. Those days have passed now. People should learn that fashion applies to all and that males do have that special fashion trend.

I am inspired by our people, I mean if you look around, in my opinion the best designers are males. No offence to the ladies but us guys just slay with fashion. I was visiting this blog and let me say, my opinion about male fashion changed. I used to be one of those people who have a problem with male fashion but now I am a huge fan.

To be honest though, fashion back then was, in my word Horrible!! It seemed like people would open their closets and just pick anything to wear. To be honest, vintage fashion is now rocking because we have people who can, well go with the trend. It is nice to have your own fashion trend but sometimes it is so overrated, no offence. Trying to set your own trend is a great idea but you must have the feel.

Back to where I was, male fashionista's being dissed and stuff. Loving fashion (As a guy doesn't necessary mean you are gay) . We can all share the love of different things. Like our love for music, I believe everyone loves music. But that's just me.

And the fashion sense at the Metro Music Awards 12, Epic fail!! Not all though, some were truly dressed with style but as for others, they definitely need to change who Ever dresses them. I was deeply offended by their sense of fashion but all is well that ends well.

So to end up my world of fashion article, male fashion should be given the same form of exposure like ladies fashion.



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