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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Mask Man

The Mask Man Interview

Some of you may know him as  Sir Puli and some of you just know him as the man behind the mask or skobo . Today we bring you the exclusive interview of The Mask Man Sir Puli

Well we had the chance to interview Puli, but due to Location purposes we had to interview him online. But none the less it was fine interviewing him, just take at look at how it went.

Who is Puli?
Dipolelo Charles Marubini

Now tell us who Puli is in a few words

Puli is some crazy nigga from the farms of Vito, I'm all about jokes and sh%t
Tell us about the MASK!! How did it come about?
The mask was inspired by the likes of Mzekezeke,Bleksem and mostly ninjas.I just took it to another level

It took twitter by storm, now a lot of tweeps wear masks when they takes avis. How do you feel about that?
*LOL* I cant explain the feeling, but i'm glad the 'PuliSwagg' is slowly increasing. Hope it even trends world wide

Tweeps know that where there is Puli gay niggas will be spotted, do you have anything against homosexual people? What's your take on them?
Nah, I don't have anything against them, in fact I say they keep on being gay so that us straight men can have all the ladies free.

I'm sure a lot of ladies wonder who's the lady behind the Legendary Puli
*LOL* It's #Oomf and other side chicks

#Pulibers, tell us about that
#Pulibers was founded on the 7th of Jan 2013. It is basically a movement to show appreciation to my fans

Since you mentioned fans, do you consider yourself a Celeb?
Nah, but I'll be one soon. hopefully. Thats my aim.

Planning on taking off the mask soon?
Yeah I will, just for control.


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  1. Ur awesme puli,u just gave me hope bwt life nje


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