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Friday, February 8, 2013

Road to Fame

QZA- Claim to Glory

He is a young rap artist whose music has taken by storm. we got time to talk to the young star.

Who is Qza
He is a man *laughs* Qza, Qza is that part of me that says things you often wouldn't hear when I"m in the company of my own silence. Whatever I don't express in conversation I express through my music.

Where was this 'MAN' born
I was born in Soweto, Mfolo on the 14th of December. Two days earlier my mom said *laughs*

Tell us about his childhood
My childhood was fun. Any kid who was misbehaving on my levels would  tell you that. I guess I had it easy growing up. I was made fun of a lot though- fat sensitive kid, so you can imagine the type of names other kids threw around.

Didn't that affect your self-esteem?
It did. Till I realized no one but myself is worth pleasing.  Guess it all shaped me for the better.

Tell us about the music you do
The music I do is inspiration driven, always based on real life experience. I never write songs about things I don't do. I always try to keep it real and truthful as I possibly can. It's Hip-hop with a twist of R.N.B soul. I try to keep it as soulful and truthful as I possibly can.

Who encourages you to keep going?
I think it is myself and everyone who continues to believe in what I do.

Who is the lucky lady?
Nope, that's too personal.

Your mix-tape dropped last year, are people responding to your music as you expected?
Yeah they are. I've had some crazy feedback from both people who've never believed in me to people I barely even know to people who told me I didn't have what it takes.

That's amazing. What can we expect from Qza this year?
Well this year I think it's less holding back and going in. Not just myself but my entire team back at Mafia Inc. Look out for Da Moos who will be dropping some tracks, Mafia McKnight Project and my 2nd mix-tape "Pink Gorilla" of which I'll be revealing the cover of soon, also a lil something from the mixtape too. Look out for "Jade and Irene" as well as the "Brim Low" music video coming soon.

So much to expect. Any word of inspiration for young and up coming artists?
Don't let anyone tell you what you can and what you can't do. But in it all, always be yourself, cause if not, then who are you really?

Get His song Here
And the mixtape Here

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